This blog came to be in the darkness of night when I just happened to be very, veeeeeeeerry¬†bored. I’ve wanted to start publicly writing my ideas where others can judge and challenge them, so this is my current goal. This blog, as the title states, has no real theme. It’s about life and whatever that I stumble upon in them. Expect to read information about Jesus, politics, recipes, anime, manga, and other parts of my life in general. There are no boundaries. This blog is about everything. Guaranteed. (Watch it become about just a few things in the future). To show the randomness of my blog, the picture is of my lamp. Why??? Because… I’m gonna be taking pictures of random things just to make this blog seem lively…THAT’S WHY!!!! But seriously, I have no photography skills, so if I get a good picture, it’s going on a blog.

Thanks for visiting Kelp out of Water, and I hope you enjoy the randomness of life.


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